An Introduction

To us, the Jarvis/Bellairs/Hughes household.

Luke is our rock. The main man in our crazy house. He sorts the bills, the house, the DIY, basically everything apart from the shopping! (But let’s face it, us women do that best anyway) He works very hard as Head Chef at the Blue Pig coffee house in Lytham near Blackpool. He makes the most amazing food, particularly his cakes and desserts.
I have no idea what I would do without him and I pray everyday that I never have to find out.

Joseph is our special little boy. He’s just turned 4 and is rather hard work when he wants to be. I suspect he is a genius and there is an awful lot going on in that large head of his. He starts full time primary school in September and I just know he will flourish and do well. He struggles with certain aspects of Life however he is a very bright little boy in his own ways. He has the loudest scream known to man and talks so much he could be used as a form of torture.

Lola is our little Princess. She is stubborn, independant and downright moody sometimes but we wouldn’t change her. Well maybe just a little. She is a definite Mummy’s girl and can usually be found attached to me. I’m actually considering taking out a restraining order against her just so I can have a wee in peace! She loves all things pink and girly especially shoes and I think we are going to have to great Mummy/Daughter times together as she grows.

Gabriel is our little ray of sunshine. His smile could melt the coldest heart and he very rarely complains about anything. His special talent is sleeping! He sleeps 14 hours a night and roughly 3 hours a day, sometimes more. I’m just praying he continues! He is his Daddy’s double and I hope this continues in his personality as he grows.
He has a CMPI (Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance) and reflux and the first 15 weeks of his life were hard work but now we have a diagnosis and the correct medication and he is thriving. I’m looking forward to watching him grow.

And then there is me, Mummy. I’m hard work, occasionally grumpy and I have a very short temper but I will do anything for my family.

We are by no means perfect and I’m sure there is plenty we are doing wrong on our long road of parenting but we are doing what we think is right and bringing up our beautiful children to the best of our ability. Some might not agree with our thoughts, ideas and beliefs but we know we are helping our children be the best people possible and if they grow up looking back lovingly on their childhood as happy, well rounded adults then we know we did a great job.


About apparentlymad

Full time Mummy to 4 lively little monsters, Joseph, Lola, Gabriel and Lana
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