Rainy days

English weather. We all know how unpredicable it can be and rainy days are always hard work for us. If we stay in then we have to contend with boredom, the arguements over who’s watching what on the tv, the fights over favourite toys and the inevitable ‘Can we go to the park, Mum? But it’s only raining a little bit.’ I’m all for a walk in the rain but you can guarentee we’ll get halfway down the road and someone will start complaining that they’re wet or cold. Or both.
If we do decide to venture out we are then faced with the impossible decision of where to go. We are surrounded by parks, farms, nature reserves and zoos but these are hardly suitable when it seems like we are in the middle of a monsoon. So then it’s a choice between softplay, a handful of museums, the cinema or dragging the children, kicking and screaming, round the shops. Hell.

The school holidays are the worst. The softplays are packed to bursting with loud, hyperactive children, running around like they’re being chased by the Devil himself. This is not fun with a very unbalanced 2 year old and an equally crazy 4 year old. So this is quickly crossed off our list.

The cinema. Not too bad, especially with the children’s clubs. However what to do with a fidgety 4 month old? This too is soon declared a no go.

The museums we have local to us seem like fairly interesting, well set out places with plenty to occupy and broaden your mind. If you’re 40. Our 3 don’t care much for Art, Romans or life in Lancashire. Which leaves the shops. Not a chance.

So Luke and I sit for several hours, passing ideas between the 2 of us only to draw the same conclusion everytime. There is nothing to do on a rainy day.
And we resort to our fail safe plan. A DVD from Blockbusters and a bowl of popcorn. The popcorn keeps them quiet for at least an hour whilst we lounge on the sofa, ever the neglectful parents.


About apparentlymad

Full time Mummy to 4 lively little monsters, Joseph, Lola, Gabriel and Lana
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