What’s in a name?

A few people have asked how I came up with the name, Apparentlymad. So this is where it’s from.

It all started when I was first noticably pregnant with Gabriel. People would look at me, my 2 young children and my ever growing bump and start with the endless questions. So I would force a smile and reply, ‘Yes they’re all mine.’ ‘ Yes I will have 3 under 4.’ ‘No I’m not 16, I’m actually 24.’ ‘Yes I am aware that I look a lot younger.’

I still get it now, usually as I’m on my way to school. Rushing because, once again we are late. Attempting to push the pram, convince Lola to hurry up and stop Joseph from running off. Or in the doctors, trying to book in or order a repeat prescription, keep my children from shrieking and then navigate the heavy doors with the 3 of them.

After several questions and random comments about coping with 3, having my hands full and looking like I’ve just received my GCSE results, I can guarantee 90% of people will then say the words I’ve been expecting.

‘You must be mad’

Yes, apparently.


About apparentlymad

Full time Mummy to 4 lively little monsters, Joseph, Lola, Gabriel and Lana
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