I finally took the plunge last week and enrolled at college. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a while but wasn’t necessarily looking to start studying just yet as I wanted to wait until Gabriel was a little older. However when we went to enquire about the course they were enrolling that day so I went for it and joined up.

I am doing an IAB Book-keeping course for 15 weeks, Computerised book-keeping and then Payroll meaning that by next June I will have hopefully have passed all 3! I’ve only had one class so far but it seems ok if a little intensive.

Joseph also started school recently. He’s done 2 weeks now, 1 week of mornings and 1 week of afternoons, and tomorrow is his first full day. It’s going well up to now although he’s not keen on the hall. Joseph hates loud noises due to his sensory issues so a large, echoing hall with over 100 excited children chatting and it’s Joseph’s version of Hell. A year ago he would have lost it, screaming whilst hiding in the corner with his hands over his ears. He’s made great progress though, when it all got too much he packed away his lunch and moved to an empty table where he resumed his eating. His teacher has allowed him to sit in the story corner. It’s a section of the hall that’s cornered off with bookcases with couches for children to sit and read. He can still hear the noise from the hall but he’s away from it so it’s not too much for him.
Hopefully with time he will want to rejoin the other children from his year but for now if he’s happy then I’m happy.

Lola started preschool last week too but in true Lola style, she took it all in her stride. A small wave and she was away into the room without so much as a backward glance. She loves it there and I love the staff for all the help they gave Joseph so I know she’ll have a fab time for the next 2 years she’s there. Then she will be joining Joseph at Sacred Heart and Gabriel will start Little Angels. Not sure how I will feel when that happens but for now I’m not thinking about it and enjoying him for the dribbly, squidgy 6 month old that he is.


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Full time Mummy to 4 lively little monsters, Joseph, Lola, Gabriel and Lana
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