Bye bye, boot.

Memories are important, especially when you’re a parent. Nothing compares to the memory of the first steps, first words, first day at school, but for me the most important memories are the wonderful things you weren’t expecting.

Those sneaky kisses, the little looks they give you with those perfectly round eyes and smiling faces and also the things they come out with. Most parents know, young children are funnier than any comedian and anyone who’s a friend on Facebook will know that my two can come out with some corkers.

It’s these memories that will creep up on you at the most random of times and have you weeping with laughter again as you struggle round Morrisons with a trolley or as you change a nappy for when feels like the twentieth time that day. Which is what lead me to the blog post. I was washing up the other day and suddenly remembered one memory that has me chuckling everytime I think about it.

Early this year, probably around January time and Luke decided to take Joseph swimming. I was heavily pregnant with Gabriel and didn’t feel much like swimming and Lola’s not a great swimmer at the best of times. She wears a rubber ring and armbands and still clings to me like she’s about to go under at any moment. So I decided to take her to the nearby retail park for a nosey round the shops and a coffee and cake in Starbucks.

Luke parked up and I got her out of the car. It was really busy and as it’s quite a big place, the car park was heaving. I was carrying Lola across the car park as best I could at 30 weeks pregnant, navigating through the traffic and trying not to slip on the snow that was refusing to melt. I was nearing the other side and feeling triumphant that I’d made it without getting us hit by a car or keeling over with breathlessness when she said those little words, ‘Bye bye, boot.’

I turned round to see her beloved welly on the other side of the car park, exactly where Luke had dropped us off, what seemed like a marathon walk away. I then had to make my way back across to retrieve it, still carrying my rather heavy 22 month old, pick up said boot and again get back across in one piece.

At the time I wasn’t laughing and I couldn’t understand why she hadn’t just told me her boot had fallen off but once we’d settled down with our cakes and I thought about it I couldn’t help but smile. And even now, almost a year later, those words still make me chuckle as I think about them as do many of the other memories I have stored of my three little treasures.

Lord knows they grow so fast, heck I still can’t believe that my stocky toddler with his strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and chubby wrists that would make anyone gush, is now at school. He’s still stocky, still has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes and is still my beautiful little boy but there is no denying that things have changed.

Before I know it they will all be at school then they’ll grow into angry teenagers that hate the world and their mothers. I will still have my wonderful children of course but their baby and toddler years will be gone and all I will have are these precious memories.

This probably means nothing to you, it’s probably not even that funny, but if you think about it I bet you can find at least one memory that sticks in your mind and has you smiling with pure happiness when you think about it.


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Full time Mummy to 4 lively little monsters, Joseph, Lola, Gabriel and Lana
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